utecture® Pioneers of Virtual

From a team with a proven record of creating industry-shaping innovations, utecture is a first-of-its-kind cloud-based platform revolutionising the building and construction industries.

From a team with a proven record of creating industry-shaping innovations, utecture is a first-of-its-kind cloud-based platform revolutionising the home building and construction industry.

By creating a data-rich digital twin of any home project, utecture provides you with rich, accurate data, increases transparency, reduces costs and streamlines the process for all stakeholders. Originally developed by Donovan Group – a global leader in construction technology and products for over 50 years – utecture is the latest platform aimed at increasing efficiency and sustainability across the industry.

utecture’s team of experienced building, materials and technology professionals are dedicated to ongoing research to carve out the purpose and potential of the Virtual Pre-Construction category for the benefit of home buyers, home builders, and the professionals who serve them.

Virtual Pre-Construction Pillars

utecture isn’t just a design tool. Developed to tackle the pain points that impact all stakeholders in the construction industry, the platform is pioneering the Virtual Pre-Construction category. Virtual Pre-Construction is built on four key pillars to reimagine the builder-buyer relationship in a powerfully positive way:

  • Design

    Closing the gap between expectations and delivery, the vividness and interactivity of design that can be achieved with Virtual Pre-Construction ensures all stakeholders have a unified vision of each build. Technology that prioritises user-experience leads to more inspired, innovative and solutions-focused design that will push the entire construction industry forward.

  • Real-Time Pricing

    In this digital, data-driven age, why should pricing remain an analogue process? Virtual Pre-Construction reimagines the process as one where current price lists, labor costs, discounting logic and currency conversions can be ingested by powerful technology, using machine-learning to generate an accurate quote in a single click – accurately linked to a digital replica of the home.

    Leaving quoting to the tech saves time and eliminates human error, leaving staff – the real experts – to build relationships and land contracts.

  • Visualisation

    The historical lack of transparency and information for consumers has made the construction process obscure, confusing and joyless, contributing to reluctance to commit to a build. By involving consumers in the creation of a digital twin of their home, Virtual Pre-Construction brings inspiration, energy and trust back to their journey.

    They should feel empowered, not daunted. Ensuring all stakeholders – including clients – can visualise the same end-point is the key difference between a successful or a painful project.

  • Management

    The pre-construction phase is often the most variable and time-consuming, involving a multitude of inputs from a roster of stakeholders. Virtual Pre-Construction leverages digital twinning technology to bring certainty to this crucial stage, combining everything in a single source of truth for each project that will endure for the lifetime of the building itself. The value of digital twin data for owners and industry lasts well beyond project completion.

Donovan Group Heritage

Donovan Group designs and manufactures world leading construction technology platforms and products that deliver efficiency, sustainability and scale to the building industry.

Established as a family business over 50 years ago in New Zealand, our global customers and partners know us as smart, humble visionaries using technology to transform building today and for the future.

We combine deep expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing with leading-edge technology to make building a dream for builders, consumers, partners and the environment. Each of our innovations delivers significant carbon impacts and unparalleled efficiencies. Find out more at donovangroup.com


utecture is defining an entirely new type of property technology and category, virtual pre-construction. For this reason, we are  involved in several ongoing research and development streams to refine the technology while exploring the many applications and insights it offers to the industry and community.

As part of this effort, we have strategic innovation relationships with Lendlease, Monash University, Building 4.0 CRC, SkyCiv and, most recently, UCLA in the United States.

utecture’s innovation has been recognised as ground-breaking in sustainability media and global construction industry media including: The Fifth Estate, The New Zealand Herald, Architecture & Design, and Constructive Voices.

Our Partners

  • Lend Lease

    Committed to trust and innovation, Lendlease is a leading international property and construction organisation operating in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Together we have entered into a strategic partnership to develop our digital solution across the globe.

  • Monash University

    One of Australia’s leading universities and among the world’s leading research and education institutions. Monash University’s Future Building Initiative (within the faculty of Art, Design and Architecture) sets itself at the forefront of R&D activity in transformation of the building industry working with an international consortium of leading industry and academic partners.

  • building crc 4.0

    utecture™ is a foundation and strategic bid partner in the $28m Cooperative Research Centre research and development grant awarded by the Australian Government in 2020 – the first ever in the building industry. Building 4.0 CRC aims to catapult the industry into an efficient, connected and customer-centric future.