utecture® for Home Designers & Architects

Win back valuable time to think ‘big-picture’, creating design value across your portfolio, use utecture’s price-linked power to enable value management across your existing plan catalogue. Instantly price and visualise your next catalogue designs

utecture® expedites getting jobs into consent and working drawings, integrating with common CAD software and saving you significant pre contract drafting time. So you spend more of your time on real contracts, design thinking and new products.

Harness productivity with co-creation

Establish curated design environments for your customers and sales teams empowering them to rapidly make approved changes and personalise homes in real time. Check plans and client-requested design changes quickly against the relevant building codes and ensure they meet your own design standards.

Instantly cost test

Experiment with new market creative designs in full confidence that utecture’s accurate, real-time pricing will tell you if the changes are viable for the project and your market. Rapidly test and analyse changes to your existing catalogue and analyse the cost benefit in real time.

Maintain and integrate

Pass files from utecture to your tools of your trade. The platform is compatible for integration with common CAD software.