utecture® for Home Owners

Personalise your dream home in interactive 3D, and see the savings or cost increases of your decisions instantly – so you have confidence over the look, feel, function and cost of every element.

utecture® empowers homeowners to design their dream life, using intuitive 3D house design and price technology, to experiment and visualise every feature. Enjoy total transparency, feel in control.

Feel confident

House plans and quotes are hard to understand.  Feel confident that the home you step into for the first time will look, feel and function like the house you imagined. With utecture as the single-source of truth for the professionals involved in your plans, you can trust that everyone is on the same page.

Price with transparency

Know exactly how each design change will impact the price of your dream home, with accurate, real-time pricing updates. utecture empowers you to arrive at agreed plans without the anxiety of a ‘shock quote’ hanging over your head.

Test drive your home

Bring your future home to life, without any prior design or engineering experience required. The 3D home design software’s intuitive user-experience allows you to experiment with layouts, builders options  and materials and see the results instantly – eliminating the back-and-forth of a paper design process.