Welcome to digital building. It’s a game-changer.

Discover the power of utecture™ Play the video

Design and sell at twice the speed.

Discover the power of utecture™ Play the video

Unify data and workflow with a powerful ERP

Discover the power of utecture™ Play the video

Visualise and interact with full digital twin designs

Discover the power of utecture™ Play the video

Transform your building business with utecture™

utecture™ empowers you to design and deliver dream homes with game-changing efficiency and experience.

utecture™ is what dreams are made of. A groundbreaking new cloud-based digital building platform that empowers you with dynamic design presentation, documentation and workflow management in one.

With potential to save you 60%+ time and cost in your sales cycle, drive exponential efficiency and ROI in your workflow and supply and deliver game-changing customer experience and reach, utecture™ gives you the power to build like never before.

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utecture™ at a glance

  • Instantly create full-size interactive 3D digital twins of your home designs online
  • Enable sales teams and customers to personalise, price and virtually-experience homes in real time
  • Produce full design documentation and accurate pricing and materials schedules in seconds
  • Fully integrate and streamline workflow with a customised enterprise resource planning system (ERP)
  • Create a single source of truth across customer and materials databases
  • Empower sales team mobility and agility with virtual design, pricing and display tools
  • Schedule and coordinate materials across your business with game-changing control and efficiency
  • Import or export capability with your existing software systems

Builders powered by utecture™ achieve cost savings of up to 58% and time savings of more than 65% in the sales cycle alone.

Monash University ITG Research

utecture™ features & benefits

ERP-Powered Intergration

Dream workflow.

Imagine simpler planning, faster decision-making, reduced duplication, increased standardisation and greater accuracy and control over every project. That’s the power of utecture™. Providing you with a customisable ERP to manage all your activities end-to-end. Capturing every client interaction and documentation change and informing your team where the job is up to. Seamlessly integrating and informing workflow across sales, drafting, design, estimating, documentation and construction. Empowering you with a secure, central cloud-based database and single source of truth to set process, design and pricing, and drive dream standardisation and supply coordination.

Turnkey Digital Building

Dream transformation.

utecture™ brings your building business into the digital economy with agility and mobility. Giving you customer data, insights and decision speed you’ve only dreamed of, and single source of truth from pipeline to site-prep. Customers are empowered with a 3D interactive digital twin of your designs to personalise, visualise and live-price their dream home from anywhere day or night. Sales teams have a cloud-based tool to serve more customers and accelerate decision cycles. And you have the workflow automation processes and management dashboards to transform your business and grow profits exponentially.

Ideal Customer Experience

Dream empowerment.

utecture™ gives your customers the power to dream. By empowering them to visualise, personalise and live-price your dream home designs and options from anywhere 24/7, you’re giving them a new dimension in choice, convenience and transparency. These are the first ingredients of a game-changing customer experience – for them and you. What can traditionally take months to explore, weigh-up and buy, can now take minutes.

Data-Powered Management

Dream speed.

utecture™ can halve the time and cost to close the deal. From sales to design to estimating to documentation and construction, utecture™ enables you to fully integrate, streamline and accelerate workflow for your team, and customers. With a powerful cloud-based management platform and data across your business, you can optimise pre-construction scheduling and materials management and drive better supply deals. Dynamically control, configure and update your plan library and rates in realtime. And standardise process, design, pricing and materials for every project, in every location to deliver maximum efficiency.

Instant Engineering Technology

Dream solutions

utecture™ empowers your efficiency with instant engineering. As you design, the system instantaneously engineers lightweight timber and steel framing and alerts you where specialty engineering advice is required. This allows you to streamline the process and rapidly investigate alternative design and engineering solutions to move forward. Framing plans can also be exported to integrate with automated frame manufacturing for further efficiencies and accuracy.

Unlimited Scalability

Dream growth.

utecture™ intelligently unlocks your growth potential. The powerful cloud-based platform enables customers do their thinking, exploring and customising in their time (not yours) while digitally transforming and streamlining your entire sales, design and planning process for you. So, you can handle more customers and more sales in the design process simultaneously – that’s dream business growth.

Environmental Empowerment

Dream choice.

utecture™ offers a future of friendlier choices and practices. Customers can configure and price their dream home without leaving home, and make product and material choices based on sustainability ratings and feedback. Having power to choose for the planet and instantly weigh up the benefits reduces stress, builds confidence, increases engagement and positions you as a progressive builder.  And you can minimise waste -and overhead- by more accurately defining quantities and scheduling supply and services to home sites empowered with better estimation and process management tools.

Flexible Subscription Pricing

Dream affordability.

utecture™ empowers all size of builder to become a dream builder. With flexible subscription pricing plans for small agile teams through to large multi-site enterprises, uTecture™ offers incredible accessibility and value. The online cloud-based system requires no new on-site equipment to deploy and comes with an easy 3-step customisation, integration and training program, as well as online customer support. With the potential to deliver cost and time savings of 60%+ in the sales cycle and game-changing efficiency end-to-end, uTecture™ offers you dream ROI from day one.

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