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About us.

From a team with a proven record of creating industry-shaping innovations, utecture® is a first-of-it's kind cloud-based platform revolutionizing the home building and construction industry.

Specializing in Construction

Specializing in construction and digital technology, we are construction industry executives, construction software professionals, engineers, quantity surveyors and technologists. Committed to making the home building experience better for buyers, developers, the community and environment. 


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utecture® has defined an entirely new type of property technology and category, virtual pre-construction. For this reason, we are involved in several ongoing research and development streams to refine the technology while exploring the many applications and insights it offers to the industry and community.

As part of this effort, we have strategic innovation relationships with Lendlease, Monash University, Building 4.0 CRC, SkyCiv and, most recently, UCLA in the United States.

utecture’s® innovation has been recognized as ground-breaking in sustainability media and global construction industry media including: The Fifth Estate, The New Zealand Herald, Architecture & Design, and Constructive Voices.


Our Partners


utecture® is a foundation and strategic bid partner in the $28m Cooperative Research Centre research and development grant awarded by the Australian Government in 2020 – the first ever in the building industry. Building 4.0 CRC aims to catapult the industry into an efficient, connected and customer-centric future.


One of Australia’s leading universities and among the world’s leading research and education institutions. Monash University’s Future Building Initiative (within the faculty of Art, Design and Architecture) sets itself at the forefront of R&D activity in transformation of the building industry working with an international consortium of leading industry and academic partners.


Committed to trust and innovation, Lendlease is a leading international property and construction organisation operating in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Together we have entered into a strategic partnership to develop our digital solution across the globe.


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About utecture
About utecture

Learn more about the power of utecture® to design, quantify, price and visualize homes in real time. 

driving decarbonisation
Driving Decarbonization

utecture® is committed to exploring every climate-impact possibility offered by a virtual pre-construction platform.

Our Team
Our Team

learn more about utecture’s® team of experienced building, materials and technology professionals.

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