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Constructive Conversation: John Lawson Speaks on utecture

We’re making big strides in our company and throughout the last few years we’ve been busy – so it’s time for us to update you on what’s been going on.

To celebrate the launch of our new website and an updated look for our brand, we’re sitting down with our Business Development Manager John Lawson to chat about what’s been happening, and the future of utecture.

First things first, for anyone new to utecture, how would you describe the platform in a few sentences?

utecture is a holistic platform; from sales through to contract documentation, that provides a significant increase in sales velocity. utecture’s ability to take a standard plan and make changes in a matter of minutes whilst providing live pricing and quantification is a game changer. In an industry where time and cost are at a premium, utecture really does provide an advantage and reduces cost through time saving and professional services management.

What is your favorite feature of the utecture platform, and why?

As an Architectural designer, I love the fact that I can either manipulate an existing plan or import a trace image and draw from scratch. This enables me to meet the client’s expectations in a very short period.

How do you think utecture will change the construction technology landscape as it currently stands?

There are many software platforms that provide services, but they are not multifaceted – meaning that you must invest in separate add-ons or other software systems to control the sales to contract documentation phase, with many of these functions being performed manually. With utecture, these steps are already integrated within the platform.

 This enables the user to make informed decisions on project viability or budget within minutes. We cannot underestimate the power of a platform that provides accurate quantity surveying and scheduling within seconds, as the cornerstone of any successful business is material & cost control.

Throughout my time New Zealand's construction industry for the past 21 years, I have not encountered anything remotely like utecture. The process of building concept to detailed design can take several weeks, so the benefit that utecture provides to a business is significant. 

Finally, where is utecture headed in the future?

utecture will globally change the way that residential pre-construction is performed! In 2024, we will continue to bring new updates to the platform that will continue to improve customer experience.