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How utecture brings “everything together” for the quantity surveyor

For quantity surveyors, utecture joins everything together. According to Andrew Leask, utecture's Senior Quantity Surveyor, “It’s an end-to-end system that inherently overcomes a lot of the challenges that are just so prickly to deal with in the industry."

Cost blowouts are the bane of many building projects. That’s where the quantity surveyors come in. They bring in their unique expertise to help builders keep costs down. A strong relationship with good quantity surveyors is indispensable to every building and construction company.

But according to utecture’s Senior Quantity Surveyor Andrew Leask, the challenges surveyors face in getting the best outcome for everyone are baked into the fragmented consultation and building process.

Silos cause inefficiencies

Problems begin with the handballing of responsibilities and silo mindsets repressing innovation.

“Architects, for example, have traditionally focused on design with little, if any, thought put toward quantification or cost efficiencies. So when they’re drawing everything up, there is never any thought put into ‘how will this be quantified and costed? How can this be done in the easiest way possible?’”

Real time quantification and pricing of designs is a key step to helping break down these traditional silos.

The consultation and design process quickly turns into a round-robin of no-confidence, disclaimers, and ultimately escalation of budget – the outcome no one wants.

Brings it all together

For surveyors, utecture joins everything together. “It’s an end-to-end system that inherently overcomes a lot of the challenges that are just so prickly to deal with,” Andrew says.

Utecture visualises, quantifies and prices in real-time. As a result, it reduces time spent measuring. It also minimises misunderstandings between different construction professionals.

Quantity surveyors are empowered

And no matter how rapidly technology evolves, quantity surveyors are like railway track engineers – an essential oversight to correct errors or assumptions, including those made by AI. Even as the pre-construction process undergoes its virtual disruption, utecture doesn’t remove quantity surveyors from the picture. “It still allows for that separation of the professions and their expertise, but joins them up.”