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utecture exhibits @ the 2022 Sydney Build Expo

Already in the running for two awards in Best New Proptech and Design, Build and Develop, 2022 has been a significant year for utecture.

Now utecture’s one-of-a-kind cloud-based building project management and visualisation platform has been seen by record crowds at the Sydney Build Expo in early June.

Hosted in Darling Harbour, the two-day Sydney Build is regarded as Australia’s best attended construction event. Now in its 6th year, with over 300 accredited presentations, 500+ exhibitors and 8 conference stages, Sydney Build provides valuable networking opportunities for Australia’s home builders, construction, architecture, engineering and infrastructure industries and key players.

“The feedback for utecture’s turn-key digital solution has been immense”

While not the market’s only digital pre-construction design tool, utecture’s platform combines impressive virtual representation and reconfigurable project management features, along with a unique capability to adjust prices and calculate environmental impacts in real time. It reduces cost blowouts and allows stakeholders to upload plans, determine labour and supply needs, and create a 3D digital render in a fraction of the time previously generated by construction industry professionals.

The good news is, they are still all involved, but the digital twinning platform creates a “single point of truth” for everyone connected with the building project.