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Visit our video library below and see the power of utecture®.
An overview of utecture

Learn more about the utecture platform and how it works.


Get instantaneous insight into the cost of designs with utecture’s® powerful takeoff and pricing capabilities.


Instantly produce a customizable contract ready sales packs with all the documentation required for every stage of the sales process, seamlessly integrated within your construction processes.

Design and plan

utecture® expedites the design process with an easy-to-use tool so you can enter concept discussions without delay.

Visualize in 3D

Bring the preconstruction stage to life and speed up decision-making. 

Learn more about the software

The technology
The Technology

utecture® provides you with rich, accurate data, increases transparency, reduces costs and streamlines the process for all stakeholders.

Construction experts
Construction Experts

utecture® was developed by Donovan Group - a group leader in construction technology with a proven record of creating industry-shaping innovations for over 50 years. 

Ready to redefine pre-construction?

See utecture® in action to learn how it can unlock unprecedented efficiencies for your business.