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Use utecture to Quantify + Price

Increase the precision and speed of takeoffs and estimates with utecture’s® powerful quantifying capabilities.
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Real-time estimation.

All of house estimating using digital twin technology. utecture's® fully configurable costing engine integrates seamlessly with your preconstruction processes and price files, automating takeoffs and estimates to save you time and money. Instantly show the cost of design changes and produce quotes, BOMs and accurate live pricing in seconds. With utecture®, quoting an entire house can now be achieved in under an hour.

With a single cloud-based cost-management database, double-handling and costly errors are eliminated. Multiple jobs, by multiple people are compressed into one system. Maintain cost control on every project and maximize returns with live margin performance monitoring. utecture® cements confidence with all project stakeholders by revealing every element of a build measurement in accurate, accessible detail.

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Design and Plan
Design + Plan

Rapidly design and customize concept plans for new builds and renovations with utecture’s® simple yet powerful design engine. 

Visualise in 3D
Visualize in 3D

Create an interactive 3D replica that lets you explore and visualize design options with instant digital rendering.


Export comprehensive, customizable sales packs with all the documentation you need for every stage of the deal. 

Ready to redefine pre-construction?

See utecture® in action to learn how it can unlock unprecedented efficiencies for your business.